“Great command of the English language” – Celtic fans react to Rangers media man’s hilarious five word reply from fan group

I’m not even sure if this is report worthy or not but it raised a laugh with me so here goes.

As Celtic’s rivals, Rangers, look to add to their backroom staff, Rangers media man Derek Clark, tried to get the inside info on their new Head of Coaching at their youth academy when he tweeted supporters group Antwerp Dynamite asking for some info on their new man.

The supporters group did not disappoint, (the Celtic fans anyway) when they replied quite simply:

Clearly unhappy at losing a valuable member of staff, this swift and direct response was met with a brilliant reaction from the Hoops fans:

Brilliant from those fans.


  • What exactly was the response from Antwerp? You don’t seem to have provided this for us to see.

    • Ya rather infuriating. You’ll see it if you click on the tweet though to save you the bother, the reply was a robust and uncensored

      “F**k off you f**king t**t.”

      Smart folk, these Belgians…

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