Davie Provan’s worrying Jota message

As the speculation intensifies around Celtic sensation Jota’s future, the Hoops fans are all waiting with baited breath to see if the Celtic board will stump up the cold, hard cash for the Portuguese winger.

According to Davie Provan, the fans are going to be disappointed as he believes this current Celtic board do not have the ambition to see the move through.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Provan was damning of the board when he said, “Celtic are not going to pay six and a half million for Jota.

They should. No question.

Would this board pay six and a half million for anyone?

I think the days of paying six million for Chris Sutton, six million for Neil Lennon, I think those days are gone.

“That’s what I’ve been asking for years [about the ambition of the board] and I’ve been dismissed at times of being a heretic because they were winning the league every season.

It was all about ten in a row and in the meantime, the team was going backwards.

And the way you gauge that is you look at your European results, and the evidence was there. The board either could see and didn’t want to do anything about it or they couldn’t see it.”

In some ways I want to ridicule this message and remind Davie that we paid £9m for Edouard, £7m for Julien and £5m for Ajeti and Barkas so the board do splash the cash.

The just have a knack recently of spending it on rubbish.

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