“It’s risky, legal and they can do it if they want” – Celtic fans react to another Sevco finance mystery

I’ve not really covered the Rangers AGM today have I? I’m sure there will be other bloggers out there that will be happy to do so but until then I will talk about this rather interesting little nugget of information that slipped out on the morning of their AGM.

Former head of The Celtic Trust, David Low, tweeted out more information about another Sevco share issue as the mystery of how the club will make it to the end of the season deepens.

There has been much intrigue at how another share issue has been commissioned less than three days after this one:

It really is a strange set of affairs and has set the Celtic fans tongue’s wagging as to why the sudden need for so much instant cash?

And his reply to this tweet?

Low’s reply was very interesting, “They’re committed to their cause.

It’s risky, legal and they can do it if they want to but it can’t go on forever.

Certainly flummoxed the Celtic Board, though. The club’s not worth what they think it is but they’ve won their first league championship and we’ve lost our tenth.”

It will be interesting to see what happens if they don’t win the league and have NO access to the Champions League money.

C’mon Ange, let’s do this!

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  • As a celtic supporter we should be buying servo share they at the next share meeting we will all stand UPand five they the fingerjj

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