“Jesus, some choice of words there” – Glasgow MSP’s incredible foodbank response tweet shows how out of touch he is with reality. His reply was even worse!

This has caused quite the storm. And rightly so.

The foodbank collections were an act of human decency. A time to look after those in need when no one else will.

You would think that at least a local MSP would understand that and take the side of the charitable effort that was being undertaken by the Celtic fans to help the local people.

But maybe that’s the issue. Maybe it’s because it’s football fans that are doing the collections that caused the issue here.

Imagine if it was the Salvation Army or Marie Curie. Would there have even been a police presence or traffic warden presence? This was systematic and targeted abuse of Celtic fans. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And what did local MSP John Mason make of it? Have a look:

Talk about reading the room. But his reply to justify this comment was even worse:

Local residents. Yep, that was the reply. Even our friends on the blue side of the city know that there are no residential areas outside Celtic Park. And even if there was, even THEY would understand the brilliant cause and not mind a couple of vans parked for an hour to do their charitable work.

That last tweet evoked a furious twitter response and I think it is fair to say that Mason has lost more than a fair share of votes from the Celtic support over this debacle.

One comment

  • OK Celtic FC – this is easily solved.
    When foodbank collections take place at Celtic Park, as a club you could make parking spaces available so that the vans can pick up the collections. You are quick enough to take credit for the good actions of fans. Now you could actually help to enable them to carry out these good actions. I am getting sick of the club failing to support the supporters.

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