“We’re now classed by the Scottish FA and everyone as a new club” – Explosive Charles Green Interview Nails Down Liquidation Lie

Well well well. After he sold the “same club” lie to the Rangers fans, Charles Green has now come out and admitted that the club he calls *Rangers is, in fact, a brand new club.

Not only that, he also admits that Scotland’s governing body the SFA, also recognise the team playing at Ibrox as a new club.

In a truly astonishing interview on The Keys & Gray podcast Charles Green brought a bus to the studio and threw everyone under it from the players, The Blue Knights and Dave King.

But I have concentrated on the one section that causes so much pain in the *Rangers support. The new club/old club debate. Is it even a debate? It isn’t now.

When asked if he bought *Rangers with his own money, Green was very frank and open and then dropped the bombshell, “No I didn’t. It was impossible to do that because of the debts. We tried to buy it with the CVA as a going concern and if that had happened the forces within the SFA and the SPL couldn’t have put Rangers down into non-league football.

So you needed enough cover to deal with these liabilities. But of course the CVA didn’t go ahead and it was a different story. I also had to pay all the old clubs debts and these are things people don’t recognise.

We’re now classed by the Scottish FA and everyone as a new club. But I had to pay all the oldco’s debts. I used to argue, if we’re the Oldco that’s fine, we’ll pay all the debts.

If we’re newco we’re newco, we haven’t got the debts.

There was so much to this episode that I may drop in again later with more revelations about the time Green “bought” Rangers.

But the truth is out there now. Let’s see how the media spin this one.


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