The clamour for the new manager is understandable. I even get the anger towards people like me that report or write about pundits and ex players opinions on when the new manager will be announced or even who the new manager will be.

From my point of view, it is extremely frustrating trying to put a positive spin on the continued speculation regarding the Celtic manager. It has been over 80 days since Neil Lennon left Celtic and by rights, the new man should be in place already.

Cast your mind back to 2016. Celtic had been put out the Scottish Cup in penalties against Rangers*. There was absolute uproar amongst the fans as the Newco denied the Hoops with a squad, quite frankly, that should never have got anywhere near that Hoops side. Ronny Delia eventually left the club and Brendan Rodgers was appointed.

That date of that appointment? 23rd May 2016. Ten days from now. Now obviously I know the circumstances were different as Rangers* are now resurgent but does anyone else remember another time when Celtic struggled against their financially doped rivals and the points difference was about the same as this season?

Cast your mind even further back. The year 2000. Oldco won the league by 21 points. Celtic were seven points worse off then and when did they eventually appoint Martin O’Neill? June of that summer. June. And what happened after that is now folklore.

And I would say that Celtic were in a worse place then than they are now. Eddie Howe looks like the man who will eventually be unveiled. There is plenty of time for the new manager to get his feet under the table and turn this around.

All that is needed is patience and time.

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  • Frankly getting tired of reading and hearing about Eddie Howe. He either wants the job or he doesn’t and hasn’t uttered a single word to confirm or deny this. I understand that a contract has to be agreed with himself and his representatives but transfer targets and budgets have to be identified and targeted in the next few weeks. Give him until June 1st for an answer then look elsewhere or this is going to end up as a fiasco. Get wee Strachan senior in as director of football in the meantime.

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