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“You might as well offer Chris Jack to Love Island”, “Barca will be raging” – Celtic fans react to latest brilliant Alfie transfer story

Genuine question. What the hell will we do when Alfie does move on?

I was going to say decide to move on but we all know to do that, you need to have more than one offer on the table and as it stands at the moment, Rangers don’t seem to have anything near that.

What a fall from grace though eh? From knocking back a £40m move to China (Shut it! That was true) to now scrabbling about looking for someone, anyone, to take him off your hands.

And with that, it seems that Rangers new found status as a club with a ‘player trading model’ has upped and gone like a fart in the wind.

So what next for Alfie? This?

Dear Lord, even for free no one wants him. To be fair, it’s Inter Milan and they are not short of a striker or two.

I’m also sure that Dzeko, Martinez and Lukaku are all sh*tting themselves with the thought of Morelos rolling into town.


It’s a nonsense story that the journalist reporting on it should have really binned when he saw the source.

But still, he gave all these fans a right good laugh:

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