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“When someone like Kris Boyd says it is a penalty, how can they miss it?” – Former Celt slaps down penalty debacle

Whether it was or not a penalty, the Connor Goldson handball certainly has the Sevco supporting section of the media in a flap.

The focus of attention is now being directed towards the officials and their tendency to give ‘favourable’ decisions towards the Govan club.

Let’s be honest, VAR is a shambles. An utter amateur hour that embarrasses our game weekly but one thing, or two things, it has done is either highlight the incompetent officials or it is starting to prove that the game could be corrupt.

And that leads us back to the handball and former Celt Frank McAvennie couldn’t believe the penalty wasn’t given.

Speaking to Football Insider, McAvennie said, “The game was not the best but I actually thought John Beaton had a good game up until that decision.

“Why did he not check that? I think Callum McGregor said something to him and he said ‘not my call’. But he is the referee, you could actually see him say ‘not my call’.

“So basically, he was not refereeing that it was somebody in an office. It is so terrible. When someone like Kris Boyd says it is a penalty, how can they miss it? I have not heard one person argue that it was not a penalty.

“John Beaton had a good game and he should have gone and checked it. If he had it would have been a penalty. VAR is not there for somebody else to ref the game.“

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