Statue at Ibrox

“When do you say No Surrender”, “Take 2 deludamol and lie down mate”, “Cabbage” – Celtic fans ruin Sevco new boys bizarre Twitter post

See when you sign for that club, is it written into your contract that you must come up with a wee bizarre slogan for the hordes of Govan to cling on to?

When Gerrard signed it was ‘Let’s go’. Then ‘Going for 55’ was spawned.

It’s cringey, birthday caird p*sh like this that always keeps the Banter Years alive.

And then there is the new bear, Todd Cantwell.

The former Norwich winger signed for them yesterday and immediately took to Twitter to celebrate with this bizarre post:

WTF does that even mean? Where do they get this from?

It’s right up there with ‘No Surrender’ and ‘WATP’ but without the sectarian connotations that go with them.

Not only are their fans the most embarrassing in Scotland, their club is as well.

The way he is being trumpeted in Scotland you would think that he is the best thing since the time they almost signed Messi (yes, they firmly believe that).

23 goals in nearly 200 appearances tells me different.

No wonder they feel the need to come with these bloody slogans.

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