Above the Main Entrance, Celtic Park

“What is this p*sh?”, “Aye right and we’re signing Mbappe and Neymar as well” – Latest MSM Celtic ‘transfer’ story rinsed by the Hoops support

I’ve read many a stupid story in my life and this one about tops the lot.

This is right out of the ‘It’s International Week So I’ll Write Anything For Clicks’ handbook.

The Glasgow Times published a story today claiming that Celtic were ‘on a list’ of clubs that Cristiano Ronaldo could be going to after his contract was terminated by Man United.

The fact it was even written as a serious piece is bad enough, but to expect football fans, never mind Celtic fans, to take is serious was daft lack of judgement by the journalist.

I won’t name the journalist who wrote it to save his embarrassment, but Aidan Smith of The Herald, Glasgow Times and The Celtic Way really should have just binned this effort instead of publishing it because it’s probably done more harm to him than it has Ronaldo.

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And on The Glasgow Times Facebook page, it was given the classic Celtic fan treatment and treated with the contempt it deserved:

I think that puts that to bed now doesn’t it?

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