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Veteran journalist rinses Sevco fans pain over legendary League Cup Final ‘offside’ goal

This lot will genuinely cling onto anything if it helps back up their hard done by theories.

Whilst the Celtic fans call out the VAR b*llsh*t in Scotland and the journalists circle the wagons to protect the referee’s and deny the game could be bent,

So when this Sevco fan made a desperate attempt to prove that somehow his club are victims of refereeing injustices as well, he ends up with major egg on his face.

One, the picture used was from the League Cup Final of 2021 when there was no VAR.

Incredibly, there is also no passage of play. No point where the ball is played and as McNally points out, a fake VAR line that when you look closely, does not even line up properly.

For someone to go to so much trouble suggests to me that these fans KNOW they get the rub of the green from referees every week.

But of course, we are the paranoid ones.

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