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“Up the Celtic”, “Tactically inept” – QPR fan reacts to Beale news with superb tweet that should serve as an Ibrox warning

The Michael Beale to Rangers story has been on that has dominated the headlines all week now.

With the Englishman the firm favourite to take the role on Monday, there has been a kind of mixed reaction by the Bears as to how they feel about the appointment.

And how they feel is pretty much summed up by this one tweet:

From one of them and it is pretty much bang on the money.

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But listen, Beale watched over us winning a Quadruple Treble so I wouldn’t worry too much about his appointment.

This QPR fan however, didn’t react too well to the news by venting his anger towards the incoming Ibrox gaffer.

Five months he’s been in the job so it is understandable how the QPR fans feel. 

Five months and a run of form that many argued was potentially sackable:

And as it looks like big Ferdy was paying for Beale’s taxi up to Glasgow, the QPT fan warned that, tactically, Beale isn’t all that:

I’m sure we will find out soon enough if Beale is going to be the manager officially but it is not an appointment that worries me to be honest.

So I’ll just leave you with this last thought. It pretty much sums up the whole Beale circus:

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