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“Triggers broom there”, “Maybe they were hoping to fix the roof” – Celtic fans rinse Union Bear’s hilarious confiscated ‘weapons’ haul

When the news broke yesterday that the Police had confiscated a ‘weapons haul’ from the Union Bears prior to the Glasgow Derby kick off yesterday, there was widespread condemnation by all.

Well, almost.

The media reported the situation but didn’t really offer their condemnation but at least they reported it so that’s a start!

On a day when they wanted people to stay silent for one minute to commemorate the Ibrox disaster where 66 fans lost their lives, these very same fans brought weapons to a football match that could very well cause the same outcome.

Irony at it’s best right?

I suppose it would be until you see the list of weapons that were brought to Ibrox:

I’m guessing most of these plumbs must work at B&Q or Halfords and spend some time at Reardon’s snooker as well judging by the looks of those weapons.

Of course, I make light of it but the biggest question which hasn’t been touched on yet is, ‘How many arrests were there?’.

Because I can’t see a record of any? If you were caught with these on you walking down the street you would be, and quite rightly, thrown into the back of a police van!

As far as I can tell, the fans that brandished these weapons were just refused entry to the stadium when they should have been admitted to a room under His Majesty’s Pleasure.

Surprising they didn’t, but not shocked.

Triggers broom there

— ViewsfromtheJungle79️⃣ (@ViewsfromtheJun) January 5, 2023

Maybe they were hoping to fix the roof 😂🍀🍀

— Anndra Reubaltach (@PeatBogAndy) January 5, 2023

And I’ll finish up with this one that is so apt:

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