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Tom English urges Rangers to follow the Celtic mould after major boardroom departure; some transfer hometruths delivered

If you can’t best then, join them.

Or in Rangers case, copy them.

For years the Ibrox outfit have tried to copy what we do on the park. But until they get their act together off it, they will forever be in our shadow.

After Ross Wilson jumped the sinking Ibrox ship to join Nottingham Forest, Tom English has urged the Govan board to follow the Ange Postecoglou mould.

Celtic have found superb value in the transfer market under Ange and because the Celtic boss doesn’t work with a Sporting Director, English believes that the Ibrox club should follow the Celtic model.

Speaking on BBC Sportsound, English said, “Pre-Postecoglou Celtic were going down this road.  Postecoglou comes in and not only is he the manager now, he’s also the sporting director stroke Director of Football, stroke chief motivator stroke scout.

He’s everything in one and that the ultimate excellence of Postecoglou that he is absolutely for Celtic. And this is not for everyone.

But for Celtic, he’s kind of made that that position of Director of Football redundant because he’s already doing it.

I’m absolutely not against Sporting Director of a football club but if you’ve got somebody who’s also the manager, roll with it.

“If you compare Postecoglou’s signings to Ross Wilson signings, Postecoglou’s signings, most of them have hit the mark.

Some of them spectacularly.

Ross Wilson signings have not hit anywhere near as accurately as you would expect. And ultimately Rangers now have a wage bill that’s huge. It’s not far off Celtic’s wage bill.

And compared to the quality that they have and the potential sell-on value that they have, it’s pretty poor compared to Celtic.

So a lot of these players are brought in, a lot of players were brought in on big money.

Are they getting value for money? I would say almost across the board they’re not getting value for money at Rangers.”

First and foremost, I don’t think Rangers will look to replace Wilson. Why spend half a million in wages for a guy to do a job that a manager should be paid to do.

Secondly, can they afford another wage bill on their books.

With UEFA FFP watching them closely, one less wage on their already bloated bill may help keep the governing body off their backs.

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