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“This is why Beaton wouldn’t look at VAR” – Celtic fans react as unseen Sakala penalty footage emerges

I said it at the time.

I said that the Carl Starfelt penalty was never a penalty.

Fashion Sakala made contact with the Celtic defender instead of the other way around and for me, that takes away the ‘foul’ element of the challenge.

But to further that, the reaction of Sakala when the challenge was made seemed to show that the striker was seriously hurt as a result of bieng ‘fouled’.

But this footage, released last night on Twitter, tells you otherwise:

Look, I’ve followed football for over 35 years. I have no issue with players celebrating winning a penalty but Sakala’s reaction to winning that particular one tells me the 1) he knew it was never a penalty and 2) he knew he conned the ref.

Put it this way, if this was a penalty to us and Kyogo was captured celebrating like this after feigning injury, do you think the Ibrox hordes would be accepting of it?

Of course not. The barrage of abuse and racism would be relentless and the calls for the SFA to ban him would be ringing in our ears.

But it’s them. The SFA will do nothing. The Scottish media will say nothing and all is well in the garden.

That and the fact that despite their cheating antics, they STILL couldn’t beat us.

Embarrassing isn’t it?

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