Lisbon Lions Stand, Celtic Park

“This guy think he is Pedro Caixinha?”, “Calm down Plato” – Wee Alfie’s latest weird tweet trolled by Celtic fans

He is a strange wee guy is Alfie.

In fact, I’ll retract that. Alfie is a f*ckin genius.

What other player can show such contempt for a club and their fans and yet is still lauded as a legend by them?

It’s truly remarkable how he has the Govan hordes on strings.

Think of it this way.

Imagine if we had a player who failed to return from international duty TWICE for a crucial Champions League match and has, for two seasons in a row, come back from pre season looking like I do after two weeks all inclusive holiday to Turkey.

But yet, they love him. They cannot see past him.

But as long as he sends out sh*te like this, they always will:

Translated: “The best warrior is not the one who always triumphs but the one who fearlessly returns to battle.”

Calm down Alfie. It’s football. You are hardly going to war.

This kind of self indulgent nonsense is what makes football fans think these players have absolutely no idea what is going on in the real world.

But to be fair to Alfie, he believed he was off to China for £40m, so it’s not entirely his fault.

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