Ibrox Stadium

“They’re just Hibs, but with better strikers” – The deluded on Follow Follow strike again

These idiots never cease to amaze me. Genuinely they don’t.

The delusion amongst the Ibrox fanbase is such that when they post nonsensical football opinions like the one you are about to read in a minute, they genuinely don’t have a single sense of self awareness.

Have a read of this:

Now let’s just say that there was a modicum of truth in that statement. What the hell does that may their outfit?

The fact that they still can’t catch a second rate Hibs team surely makes them, what, the Motherwell of the league?

The irony is brilliant. The self delusion is class.

I would genuinely have more respect for them if they just held their hands up and said, ‘Look, fair play. They’re just the better team.’

But that kind of honesty just wouldn’t go down well with the sewer dwellers of that forum.

They still believe they are ‘the peepo’. Cant be having those pesky taidghs claiming they are better than the master race now can we?

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