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“There is no media pack” – Hugh Keevins in shameless Ange denial after Beale ‘vulture’ comment

There is nothing worse than someone that flat out denies something we all saw for ourselves with our ears and our eyes.

From the minute Ange Postecoglou was revealed as a front runner for the Celtic job, the media were sharpening the knives ready to plunge them into the backs of the club and the prospective manager.

Everyone saw it. Even the very first press conference when he was announced as the manager saw members of the press treat the gaffer like the village idiot with inane questions about ‘taking a step’ and ‘managing at a high level’.

Only an idiot doesn’t know that managing your country at a World Cup and winning trophies domestically and on the Asian continent is the mark of a very good manager.

And the derisory comments continued until the Celtic boss started to shut the reporters up with his own witty comebacks.

But that didn’t happen according to Hugh Keevins. The manager was judged on results and results only according to the man that created the A.N.G.E. acronym after just ten games in charge.

When a fan challenged Keevins that the treatment Beale is receiving from the media pack is hugely different from what Ange experienced when he first came into the job, Keevins said on Superscoreboard, “Now, since your on about the ‘media’, I was the one who wrote that I thought his [Beale’s] behaviour was shameless turning up at the Aberdeen game when Giovanni van Bronckhorst was still in the job.

And I said that to my way of thinking he was like a vulture.

So I’m not in your media pack. But there isn’t a media pack.

They are simply recording the man saying this and he’s up here to sell himself until such times as games begin.

And then, like every other manager from Jim Duffy at Clyde to Ange Postecoglou at Celtic, he will be judged by results and nothing other than results.”

Not quite true that though is it Shug?

Can’t beat a bit of history revisionism.

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