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The Scottish press are running scared of Ange but the bad news is he’s nowhere near in the running for Leeds job

you have got to give the Scottish press points for trying, right?

Whenever a job pops up for the over-rated English Premier League, the SMSM are like a dog on heat humping their laptops at the prospect of the Australian gaffer jumping ship.

Ange takes no nonsense from the Scottish hacks. It’s one of the reason why they would love to see the back of him. That and the fact that many of the hacks are from an Ibrox supporting background and have constant nightmares about the Celtic boss’s team humping their beloved Rangers.

Now the media will have you believe that Ange is one of the bookies favourites for the job.

That is simply untrue.

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Ange is nowhere near one of the favourites. Well, that is unless you consider being 11th in the betting order behind the likes of Brendan Rodgers, Zinedine Zidane and Diego Simeone as a favourite.

Here is the list in full from Oddschecker:

25/1. That’s what’s classed as a favourite.

Like I said, the press are desperate to get rid of Ange to the point that they are lying about him being a favourite for an EPL job.

The standard of journalism in the country is as depressing as it is funny.

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