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“The reason why clubs aren’t paying over £20m” – Celtic may not get what they want for star says former player

In a way, I can see this guys point. Josip Juranovic’s possible fee should he move on in January has been the topic of much discussion these past few weeks.

With the Croatian’s transfer looking ever more likely, it does seem that the only sticking point in the deal is what clubs are willing to pay for him.

A 27 year old right back who finished 3rd in the World Cup should fetch a pretty penny right?

He will, but maybe not as much as Celtic would like according to Si Ferry.

As reported by Football Scotland, Ferry said, “Josip Juranovic should maybe be going for a bit more than £20m in today’s market but then you look at his age and wonder whether teams will want to be paying more when this will probably be his last move and there won’t be a buy-on again.

We saw clubs battle for a 22-year-old Kieran Tierney for around £25m, whereas Juranovic is 27 years old.

“If you pay over £30m, are you going to get that again when he hits 30 or 31 years old? I don’t think so. That, for me, is the only reason why clubs aren’t paying over £20m.

“If Juranovic was a 25-year-old, I think we’d be looking at £30million-£35million after the World Cup that he’s just had.”

I suppose it all depends on which clubs are interested and how many want him.

Juranovic has shown his worth at the world’s top table.

It’s time clubs, if interested in him, return that worth with a decent bid.

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