The linesman’s reaction to another Sevco red card advantage was interesting

Might as well find a new saying for this as well then.

‘Penalty Rangers’ was, and still is, one of the hottest phrases in Scottish football due to the amount of spot kicks the Govan team to get awarded but can we come up with one for the amount of red cards their opponents seem to magically get when the game is in the balance?

Countless times now the Ibrox side have been on the receiving end of fortunate red cards and somehow seem to escape the cards being issued to them, but that debate is for another day.

Last night at Kilmarnock, with the game in the balance at 2-1, this happened:

The reaction by the linesman when Armstrong asked him about the red card was interesting. He seemed to say ‘I didn’t tell him to send you off‘.

For me, it was a yellow card but the issue is Morelos got away with one earlier in the game and Kent at Hampden on Sunday with a blatant punch at Celtic defender Liam Scales.

Now the red card may well be justified (I think his momentum took him into Barisic) but the application of the rules must be applied fairly to all teams. Right now, it isn’t.

And as for the linesmen, if they did their job on Sunday and earlier in the game against Morelos as they did there, then maybe, just maybe, we would cut the officials a bit of slack.

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