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The Liel Abada Parkhead footage that has caused fan division

The Liel Abada transfer story has been doing the rounds for the past two days,

Stories that he could be subject to a bid from Southampton are doing the rounds from all media outlets today. That and the fact he said himself that there are things going on in the background have made the media ramp up the speculation that he could be the next big departure at Parkhead.

As fans, we all try and look at this objectively. As bloggers, we try and disseminate the information that’s out there and try to create an opinion based on what we know.

And one of the pieces of information out there is this piece of footage that posted on Twitter last night.

The main issue I have with this is that this is just a snippet of a video taken which may or may not show the whole story.

Did Abada engage with fans at the beginning or the end of his departure of Celtic Park? Was he merely scratching his head for seven seconds?

And lastly, does anyone really care that he didn’t engage with fans?

He may have had somewhere to be. He may not but this kind of stuff from the fans, I think, doesn’t help.

Many fans commenting on this agreed and felt that the way it was posted was unfair on him.

I think he will go. There are too many ‘coincidences’ that have happened for it not to happen.

Changing agents, media talk and personal issues being revealed all point to a player who is unhappy and wants to go.

And if he does, he goes with my blessings. The memories he has given us in the Glasgow Derbies alone and the last minute goal against Dundee United last season will be something I will always remember him for.

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