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The Jeremie Frimpong Celtic sell on-clause revealed

Celtic are well known for their transfer negotiation skills.

The money the club have raked in over the past two decades has been nothing short of remarkable.

But their ability to add sell-on clauses has also been brilliant.

And it looks like the club could be in line for another mutli-million pound payday this summer if Jeremie Frimpong get’s his transfer away from Bayer Leverkusen.

Until now, we didn’t really know how much that clause was until Mark Guidi revealed just how much we can rake in if the youngster moves to Manchester United.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Guidi said, “The sell-on, that goes back to Celtic’s relationship with Manchester City that they got Frimpong from for a couple of million quid.

“Sold him for £11m or £12m. “And it has been suggested that there’s maybe as much as a 25% sell-on coming Celtic’s way.

“I mean, that’s potentially £8m, £9m or £10m could be coming Celtic’s way for doing next to thing nothing other than having very good negotiating skills.”

If Celtic do manage to get that kind of money in the bank for Frimpong, what a bonus for Ange Postecoglou that would be as he looks to strengthen the side for next season’s Champions League campaign.

One thought on “The Jeremie Frimpong Celtic sell on-clause revealed”

  1. What a boost for us and well done to Peter labelled for that deal

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