The incredible Sevco Semi Final red card the Scottish media air brushed over

No, not Ryan Kent. He should have walked. Absolutely no doubt but as usual, the *Rangers winger seems to get the benefit of the doubt from the referee never mind VAR.

Kent, of course, has form for raising his fists. He was lauded as some kind of hero for aiming a swing at Scott Brown in a Glasgow Derby three seasons ago.

Which is weird as Celtic completed another clean sweep of domestic trophies whilst the supporters of their club celebrated thuggery on the pitch.

All about levels I suppose.

But as Kent got away with another act of thuggery, so did Borna Barasic.

Look at this tackle from the *Rangers left back:

How the hell that wasn’t picked up by the referee who was three yards away never mind not be reviewed by VAR is just beyond me.

Look at it in slow motion. Knee high, two footed, from behind. On foot catches the Aberdeen players knee whilst the other scythes his ankle.

Dangerous and reckless and yet only deserving of a yellow.

When you look at that and compare it David Turnbull’s yellow which was upgraded to a red after VAR intervened, is this any less dangerous than that?

Of course not but it is yet another example of VAR benefitting a certain team when a game is hanging in the balance.

But then, I’m just paranoid. What do I know?

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