The incredible Sevco penalty stat that blows Real Madrid out the water

The penalty chat surround Rangers and how they benefit from being awarded an incredible amount of spot kicks is only shadowed by the fact they never seem to get any awarded against them.

Now, I get it. I’m a Celtic fan. I’m always going to look at this from a green point of view so there may well be a bias when reporting on penalty facts.

Well, don’t take it from me. Look at the stats below that show the penalty differentials awarded for some of the biggest clubs in Europe compared to Rangers:

Quite stunning when the penalty facts are laid bare. This tweeter goes on to make another pertinent but relevant point:

And if you are looking to see if there is an apparent pattern over, say, a couple of seasons, you would not be surprised to see this:

Quite incredible isn’t it? And we are meant to be paranoid as well.

There is clearly something askew here.

Either the game is bent, or our officials really, really like the colour blue.

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