The hilarious footage of Beale leaving Celtic Park shows police stifling laughter

The one thing that can be levied at the Celtic fans is that they can be creative when it comes to taking the mick out of the club across the city.

From expertly timed and creative TIFO’s to superb social media posts, I would defy anyone that says the Hoops fans are not amongst the funniest on the football planet.

And when Michael Beale was exiting Celtic Park after the 3-2 win over his side on Saturday, the fans let him know exactly what they thought of him:

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Some may say that the abuse he endured may have touched on the personal side. Me? I think that’s the product of listening to him and his players try to belittle everything our club and manager has achieved over the last two seasons.

Serial loser? Absolutely. And he will always be one until he learns that his team need to start doing their talking on the park and not in the media.

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