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“The EBT days are gone mate” – Celtic fans roast Barry Ferguson’s Sevco transfer recommendations

For a club with no money, Ferguson really doesn’t half like building up the Govan club supporters transfer expectations.

They virtually do not have a pot to p*ss in yet Ferguson believes that his club, no wait, his club died, the new club should go and spend even more money that they don’t have.

Both players on current form are likely to cost £5m+ are they not? And looking at the players that his new club are being linked to, it is clear they are not of a mind to be shelling out any kind of serious money.

Todd Cantewell is out of contract in the summer. He is expected to sign for them this week at some point. It will, of course, be lauded as an undisclosed fee but in all reality, we are talking maybe £200-£500k for him.

Hardly earth shattering money.

Morgan Whittaker and Nicolas Raskin, check out their stats by clicking on their names. Again, not one to give Alistair Johnston or Greg Taylor the fear.

All signings either in their last year or out of contract in the summer. Tell me you have no money without telling me you have no money.

So Barry, simmer down. Enjoy retirement and stick to punditry. In fact, skip that last part.

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