The Daily Record embarrasses itself with St Mirren ‘Rangers slur’ Orange Lodge headline

When I read this I thought, ‘Bloody hell, has the St Mirren chairman lost his marbles?’

Who in their right mind would ‘like’ a possible sectarian tweet in this day and age?

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Surely, no one is that stupid?

Turns out they are not. This is the tweet they are referring to:

Not a single mention of Rangers. Not a single mention of Ibrox but there was a mention of Celtic.

In what way was this a ‘slur’ on Rangers exactly?

A national newspaper should really report the news from an unbiased position and not flame the fans of division.

Surely there should be a sanction for reporting fake news? Especially when what they are printing is an outright lie?

For me, it’s a measure of the pain that some quarters of the Scottish media are in. Pain that they know the establishment club are toiling and trailing on our coat tails.

And, of course, it’s a damning indictment of journalistic standards in Scotland.

These kinds of articles inflame the sectarian divide but I suppose these muppets will do anything for clicks.

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