Brother Walfrid Statue, Celtic Park

“Tbf give Barasic, some credit he cut the oranges up at halftime”, “Unreal tweet” – Football Scotland embarrasses itself with Croatia tweet

I wrote the other day that about Hugh Keevins and how he denied that there is a media cheerleading campaign for the new Rangers boss Michael Beale.

It was an embarrassing statement considering the amount of guff we have had to read from the Scottish red-tops recently.

From rejuventating Alfie and Kent into world beaters again and making the Rangers winger a prolific goal scorer in training. Remember Beale ‘roared’ when he scored?

So I think wee Shug needs to look a bit harder. Especially at his former employers Rangers writing rate.

And here we have another perfect example of pro-Sevco press.

After Josip Juranovic starred in Croatia’s superb display against Brazil yesterday, Football Scotland tweeted this:

So tell me again about the media and their pro Sevco agenda again Hugh?

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