Celtic Park

“Surprised Real Madrid haven’t tabled a bid yet”, “The most over rated player I’ve ever witnessed. A proper fraud.” – Celtic fans react to latest succulent lamb Sevco piece

I’ll never understand the Scottish media. Ever.

Their basic inability to do their job as a journalist is one of the main reasons why fan media sites are booming .

They simply cannot be trusted to write, publish or print anything without doing some proper research or offer some scrutiny.

Unless it’s Celtic of course.

They are so bad that even if they did decide to look into these stats and investigate why *Rangers get so many penalties:

They would probably find a way to turn it into an anti-Celtic story.

Fifty career penalty goals. It’s actually quite incredible when you think of it.

And instead of asking why he has scored so many penalties, no scratch that, why they are awarded so many penalties, Tavernier will be lauded when his latest one hits the back of the net.

And who says referees are not biased towards them?

I’ll leave the last word on this.

Or a media pundit in Scotland………

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