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“Stop lying”, “This just shows the corruption” – Celtic fans rinse journalists claim on IFAB penalty rules

Man, the media went into overdrive over the Connor Goldson “penalty” didn’t they?

No sooner had the referee said no penalty, the hacks were making ready their excuses and circling the wagons to make sure that the VAR rebuttal by Willie Collum was effectively and quickly tossed to the side by the IFAB rules for handball.

The problem with that, of course is that for some strange reason, the IFAB rulebook wasn’t dragged out when Bernabei and O’Riley were punished for two of the most obscure handballs you will ever see at a football ground.

So the problem we have here is that by instantly defending the Goldson handball, certain people in the media have nailed their colours firmly to the mast.

And Celtic fans were extremely quick to point this out after this piece:

Because I certainly don’t remember Lindsay writing a piece about the injustice of Bernabei’s handball when he knew nothing about it or O’Riley being punished when the ball was played off his arm at least 10 yards to left of the Celtic goal.

It’s little wonder Celtic fans trust neither the footballing authorities to apply the rules fairly and consistently AND the media for failing to report all handball injustices as eagerly as they do with a Sevco one.

But what do we expect? Not much really, but these Celtic fans were quick to point out the hypocrisy of this particular report:

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