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Sky Sports disgraceful Alan Power interview almost celebrates a sectarian bigot

I genuinely despair at our media. I honestly do.

Let’s stick to the facts. Kyle Lafferty got a 10 game ban for using sectarian and bigoted slurs.

Or as it should be known, racist and bigoted slurs. But the media won’t have that.

Anyway, the Kilmarnock striker’s return for the Celtic clash this weekend is somehow being lauded by the media as a return to action by a player who was wronged in some way.

The Daily Record embarrassed themselves earlier this week and now it’s the turn of Sky Sports.

Have a watch of this:

Look at the language used.

‘Huge boost’. ‘Livewire’. ‘Eager’. ‘Excited’. Even joking about him keeping his cool when we all know what the question meant.

Then the best one. Where the Sky Sports interviewer said, ‘Is there a hope that 10 games of pent up frustration comes to your benefit here?’

Tell me why he would be frustrated? At a 10 game ban when he admitted to using sectarian language? Why was there no questions if he was remorseful for what he had done?

This is what’s wrong with the media in Scotland. Casual acceptance of racism in the form of sectarianism.

The media are a cancer in our society.

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