over the shoulder view of a referee showing the red card

Sevco supporting BBC journo’s Love Island-esque ‘referee message’ slaughtered as anti-Celtic agenda continues

Celtic get a favourable VAR decision and BBC Sportsound goes into a full blown meltdown.

I want to start of with this.

I see you. I can see exactly what is going on here and the very fact that BBC Sportsound’s Kenny McIntyre felt the need to discuss a text he received from a referee on the show explaining why the penalty Celtic got on Saturday wasn’t a penalty.

I also found it weird that the example Tom English used to lambast the ‘farcical’ decision was one that many think we go away with last week when Giakoumakis appeared to foul the Kilmarnock striker in the final minutes of the League Cup semi final.

No mention of the incredible handballs that McIntyre’s team have gotten away with on three separate occasions.

No mention of the Bernabei and O’Riley handballs. No mention of the penalty we didn’t get against Hearts.

Just a very finely placed subtle hints of another VAR decision that went for us to help start the narrative that it’s not only Celtic that get favourable decisions.

There is a clear agenda now and it’s been happening for a couple of weeks now.

These decisions allow the media to openly call us conspiracy theorists when all that we have ever really wanted was to get fair refereeing across the whole of Scottish football.

Christ, we can’t even get fair refereeing across the whole of Glasgow so what chance to we have?

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