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Sevco fanboy Talksport pundit slapped down by Celtic fans for stupid pre cup final announcement

In some ways, we should be thanking idiots like this for their part in the build up to the league cup final.

All of *Rangers talking was done in the media in the build up to the final and they were aided and abetted by a compliant media desperate for them to at least try and topple Ange Postecoglou.

The Celtic gaffer has them all on strings and I’m guessing that the only way they think they can get to him is by releasing stupid press conferences belittling our team whilst deludedly talking themselves up.

And one of the main culprits was no-mark radio host, Jamie O’Hara.

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a failure as a footballer, O’Hara is desperately trying to make his name in punditry has in recent times cosied up to the Ibrox support by trying to be controversial in his opinion about the game up here.

And a few days before the final, O’Hara said this:

I don’t mind the cup final patter. A one off game can be decided by fine margins, but the whole ’56’ p*sh is just inane garbage.

For a guy that couldn’t find Hampden if you superglued his *rse to it, he really should stop embarrassing himself talking about our game.

Or at least stop talking about us because no-one outside of Ibrox listens to him.

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