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Rangers to make Glasgow Derby VAR complaint to SFA

You genuinely couldn’t mark their necks with a blow torch.

Their club is the one club in the country that benefits the most from “favourable” VAR decisions and when one goes against them? Let’s write a letter!

The Alfie goal that was chalked off after a foul on Alistair Johnston is the straw that broke the Ibrox camels back.

In what seems like a serious case of deja vu when the Ibrox club wrote an official letter of complaint against Willie Collum after he correctly sent off a player at Pittodrie and awarded a penalty two seasons ago, it seems that the Rangers are happy to take the dodgy decisions that go for them without complaint but seem intent to raise hell when they don’t.

They are the embodiment of an embarrassing club and I cannot wait to see how the SFA buckle and cave into them as they always seem to lose their backbone whenever their brethren show any hint of unhappiness.

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