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“Rangers level of entitlement is incredible” – Michael Stewart takes aim at Ibrox meltdown

The post Derby events over the last couple of days has been nothing short of ridiculous.

Claims that Alfredo Morelos’ goal should have stood when the evidence says otherwise to Jota handling the ball when, well, the evidence, erm, says otherwise.

Kevin Clancy got both of these decisions absolutely, 100% correct and what is happening right now is a concerted campaign by their fans, and some in the media, to deflect away from two major issues.

Rangers are on their knees financially and their team is simply not good enough to compete with us.

Let’s leave the first point as there are people more qualified than me to comment on that.

The noise and hysteria since the final whistle blew was started with Michael Beale and James Tavernier.

Their gameplan as soon as the game ended was clear. Let’s blame the referee. And now we have letters to the SFA and Clancy’s family being threatened and Michael Stewart blasted the club this morning.

Fair play to Beale and Tavernier. Their gameplan has worked.

Rather than focus on where they need to improve the team and why they lost on Saturday, the media (who need to take a long hard look at themselves) have bought their story hook, line and sinker.

Celtic have gotten absolutely no credit for their part in the win and that’s fine by me. Because as they are being distracted with bluster and nonsense, Ange Postecoglou is focusing on a Treble.

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