Statue at Ibrox

Another outstanding Celtic fan video slaughters embarrassing Ibrox media pre match hype

They are a mouthy lot over at Ibrox aren’t they?

For the last week, we have had to listen to all manner of garbage from the Govan clubs manager and players as they turned into big mouthed media whores.

We heard it all from Ange Postecoglou being ‘lucky’ to Raskin telling us all they were ‘the better team’ to Sakala lowering himself to their fanbases lowest common denominator by referring to us as ‘the other mob’.

Was this the standards Beale was talking about when he let Partick Thistle score a walk in?

Well, as we all know and have known for years, that club has no standards.

Even during a minute’s applause for Hibs’ Ron Gordon, they could not help themselves and spent the minute singing their sectarian bile whilst it was conveniently ignored by the games broadcaster.

So in a brilliant video to highlight the Ibrox clubs arrogance and to fire back at their embarrassing nonsense, this Celtic fan compiled this magnificent video:

Absolutely outstanding and, hopefully, they will learn their lesson to stop running their mouths off the park and start running for their teammates on it.

Don’t bet on it though. Especially with motormouth Beale at the helm.

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