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Rangers boss’ embarrassing stance on Celtic ban for SWPL assistants headbutt

It was one of the most shameful scenes you will see this season.

When Craig McPherson headbutted Fran Alonso after the Celtic boss led the Hoops to a Glasgow’s Derby win, the headline overran the superb result.

The SFA issued the Ibrox assistant with a pitiful six game ban.

Rangers Womens boss Malky Thompson wasn’t speaking about the incident (almost three weeks later) and offered an embarrassing statement on the furore.

Speaking to The Sun, Thompson said, “Craig will serve his ban and then he will be back. The incident was uncharacteristic.

“Craig is an extension of me and the club were very hard on all of us.

“We have had our own investigation into it, which will remain private and we have also had our own talks from the directors down.

“We have a code of conduct that we must adhere to. Any incident that happens means an investigation.

“The club acted right away and put their own process in place.”

Uncharacteristic. Code of conduct. All tired all buzzwords that enables the Rangers boss to dodge the real issue.

Still no apology from the club. What do you expect?

A classless response from a classless club.

One thought on “Rangers boss’ embarrassing stance on Celtic ban for SWPL assistants headbutt”

  1. Expect nothing from this shower and you won’t be disappointed.
    They represent, and are the unacceptable face of Scottish football.
    They’ll be gearing up for the 300 orange walks in and around Glasgow in the coming months.
    The National Front are banned from marching for fear of upsetting ethnic minorities, and rightly so, but RC’s and those with Irish roots are fair game it seems.
    These throwbacks are brit nats and would never vote for an Indy Scotland, so there would be no vote loss in banning these hatefests from our streets. Glasgow Green is an ideal place for them to march around to their twisted hearts content.
    If trifc goes the same way as the old RFC 1872-2012 it would be a breath of fresh air for Scottish football, they wouldn’t be missed.

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