On their way to Paradise

North Curve expose bizarre police presence at Celtic Park

Now, before anyone starts with this being a police bashing article, it certainly is not.

By and large, most sensible people can agree that the Police do a good job under difficult circumstances when they are deployed on the streets.

I have nothing but respect for them. Of course, there are a few bad eggs as there are in any workplace, but in the main, they are there to protect the public.

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But, at football grounds, there are complaints that they are not there just to protect the fans, but to target specific fan groups.

And that is something I, and many others, have an issue with.

The way football grounds are policed in Scotland is bordering on archaic.

Fans are monitored by CCTV, police body cameras and their presence at certain turnstiles at Celtic Park can be viewed as being particularly heavy handed.

Uniformed police attending games, I understand as it helps to deter crime, but this from Police Scotland is surely over the top?

Why they feel the need for undercover police at ANY football game is absolutely beyond me. 

There is an assumption of guilt before any crime is committed and it is little wonder football fans are so disenfranchised with the constabulary and the Scottish Government.

Such a waste of police resources.


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