“No one in the media has actually said that they believe him to be a great coach” – Selective memory hits Hugh Keevins as media fawn over Beale

Hugh Keevins is either being economical with the truth, or has selective reading/hearing when it comes to the media coverage of Michael Beale’s arrival to Rangers.

There has been nothing but feel good p**h from the MSM about the arrival of the next person Ange is going to get sacked and when you look at how the Celtic boss was treated when he arrived and compare it to Beale’s, it is crystal clear the agenda that was running in the media.

But Hugh Keevins denies there was one. Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Keevins said, “I think from a media perspective, other people have been quoted as saying how good a coach he is.

People who were at QPR or have worked with him elsewhere. No one in the media, to my knowledge, has actually said that they believe him to be a great coach.

It’s other people who have been coached by him and who have worked with him who have said this.

It is without dispute that he had Steven Gerrard lost to St Mirren and St Johnstone in the same season and Cup competition.

The reference to the brains behind the operation, I think, is what happened to Steven Gerrard when Michael Beal was no longer by his side.

Causing people to reflect on the stopping of 10 in a row by Steven Gerrard and Michael Beale bringing them to the conclusion that he was the brains behind the operation.

But the media or not gathering behind Michael Beale and waving pom poms and saying what a great coach he is.

They’re taking the comments from other people who have worked with him.”

For weeks now we have had to endure the constant Bealeball nonsense and how players are now scoring wonder goals…..in training.

It’s embarrassing and the fact that Hugh is denying it is going on is even worse. We can all see it. We all saw how Ange was treated.

More importantly, we will never forget it either.

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