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‘Morton fan’ makes deranged ‘football equivalent of Human Trafficking’ claim ahead of Anthony Joseph’s transfer update

I always find this lot a very strange breed of football fan.

Reasoning and critical thinking simply doesn’t enter their brains and even when they try to hide who they really are, their hatred and bile isn’t too far from the surface.

With Celtic about to add another signing from the Far East as per Anthony Joseph’s announcement last night, this guy decided to reply with this incredible statement:

I mean, where do you even go with this one? How do you even respond to that?

Think about this person’s train of thought.

He actually thought of human trafficking, linked it to Asia, then decided to say he want’s to keep foreigners out, put it into a semi coherent sentence, then read it back to himself and decided to post it on the internet.

What sort of f*cked up reply is that to a football transfer story?

The kind of reply that comes from a boot-licking BritNat that most probably voted for Brexit and Boris Johnson.

I really despair at some people in this country. I really do.

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