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“Michael Stewart’s reasoning behind that was worse” – BBC man’s take on major Tynecastle flashpoint heavily criticised

We are now at the point were we are just getting used to VAR f**king us over, aren’t we?

The new refereeing technology was meant to clear up refereeing errors but all it is really doing now is muddying the waters of the rules and pointing out just how many decisions the Ibrox club get in their favour.

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But there was one decision during the Hearts game that we cannot blame VAR for. One decision that the new technology was brought in to make sure there is no dubiety about but it is the one incident it wasn’t even used for.

The Alistair Johnston ‘penalty’.

And speaking on A Celtic State of Mind, Colin Watt said of it, “I honestly couldn’t believe that it wasn’t given.

It wasn’t even looked at which for me, beggars belief.

Michael Stewart’s reasoning behind that was worse.

I honestly don’t get what he was trying to say.

His claim was that if Halliday wasn’t there, Johnston’s cross would still have been as poor.”

And if my granny has ba… get where I am going with that. Stewart’s take is completely baffling here.

Michael Stewart is a big Hearts fan, we all know that, so he is due a wee blip in what is normally fair and balanced commentary in our game.

He’s hurting. Leave him be 😂

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