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“No way he said that!”, “Just win the thing” – Rangers fans are starting to click on to Beale’s bottle for the job

Motor mouth’s mouth is starting to seriously catch up with him.

Michael Beale is what is known in the footballing world as ‘full of sh*t’.

Ok, maybe not in the football world but in the world in general.

He never shuts up.

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I firmly believe his mouth is five steps ahead of his brain and now he’s got himself into bother with the Blue Brigade.

His comments on winning the League Cup did not go down well with Bears and they are unhappy with their gaffer.

Let’s remind ourselves of what he said:

“Listen, the League Cup is a trophy I want to win. But at the start of the season, I don’t know where it is in the pecking order, but it’s not number one. So it’s important that after this weekend we get back to trying to pick up the trophies we want to.”

Wow. It’s not number one in the pecking order? Seriously?

Ladies and gents, that’s a *Rangers manager talking about NOT winning a final that they are in.

I want to win everything. If Celtic had a tiddlywinks team, I would want them to skelp any and all that came before them.

But that’s the difference between them and us.

Our manager is laser focused. Wants to win everything.

Their manager has sown the seeds of doubt into their players already and has prepared the excuses early.

Quite an incredible take.

Here a only a few of the publishable choice words that I could share.

Raging bears everywhere:

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