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Mark Guidi tells Celtic fans not to worry. Ange won’t be going to EPL anytime soon

How sick and tired are we hearing Ange Postecoglou being linked to every available job in England?

Or more specifically, the English Premier League.

Whenever a job becomes available, the Scottish press seem to do their damndest to tie Ange to the position regardless how tenuous the link maye be.

But Mark Guidi reckons no top club in the EPL will take a punt on Ange unless he does one key thing.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Guidi said, “Up here in our country, he gets linked with a job because that’s what happens.

“You think back three years ago Steven Gerrard was getting linked with Liverpool every other week. He was facing that every week. (not sure about that tbh!)

“What I don’t know is at the level of Daniel Levy or whoever, is Ange Postecoglou a serious contender? Now up here we think yeah. But they are looking for the top ten.

“Their view on managers is the same as our players. Are they going to pay £20 million in Scotland for beating teams like Motherwell and St. Mirren?

“No. You get to a Champions League level and you take a couple of big scalps. You do well there.

“I think for Postecoglou to be in the bracket of a top six, top eight manager in England I think that you’re gonna have to do something pretty special in the Champions League.”

Kinda makes you want Ange to be a failure in Europe now doesn’t it?

Of course, I jest. But for Ange to be taken seriously by clubs down south he has to take a scalp from the Champions League?

Not qualify or manage in a World Cup twice? Win titles in Japan it win the Asian Champions League?

Kinda makes you glad we support Scottish football and not the soulless vanity project that is the EPL doesn’t it?

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