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Mark Guidi shoots down Celtic fans Glasgow Derby ref concerns with bizarre and childish Beaton defence

A Celtic fan called The Go Radio Football Show to offer his opinion on the Glasgow Derby matchday referee, John Beaton.

The caller said the ref had a nightmare game and Guidi rebuffed it with what can only be described as a childish and embarrassing reply, “I don’t think you’re really backing up what you are saying in terms of a nightmare.

He’s called what you’ve called you think is a questionable penalty, Starfelt on Sakala. Barry Ferguson, John Hartson, Andy Walker and myself saw that it is a penalty kick, so there’s 4 to 1.

The handball, we agree maybe (Beaton) should see it at the time but he’s not and therefor I think VAR was more to blame than him. I think it is a penalty.

You said he wasn’t handing out yellow cards and red cards but then you said that you don’t think that was a really a really bad tackle in the game.

So I don’t really get where you are coming from. I think you’re just trying to find something there with John Beaton that wasn’t there.”

Well, the fact he got the two biggest calls in the game completely wrong suggests he had a nightmare to me.

And the argument that just because four pundits say it is a penalty then that’s that? What a ridiculous way arguement.

Effectively, Guidi is saying to listeners, ‘Don’t phone in unless you agree with us.’

Can’t see that format lasting long and it is little wonder the show get’s as few callers than it’s main competitor.

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