Brother Walfrid Statue, Celtic Park

Major Everton podcaster list’s Celtic gaffer as possible Lampard replacement. He can do one

Look, I get it. I understand posts like this p*ss people off.

But if it’s not me that tells people like this to go and do one, it will be the Scottish media that promotes these kinds of rumours.

So let me start off with this, why would Postecoglou even think about joining a basket case like Everton when he is at a Rolls Royce club like Celtic?

Not since the David Moyes days has the Merseyside club had any hint of stability. The minute he left for Man United, was the minute that club started to deteriorate.

And the ironic thing is this. Ange Postecoglou is perfect for that club. A big club needing direction and a strong leader, Postecoglou would soon set things straight there but it would be in the Championship as Everton do look like certs to go down.

Postecoglou will move one day, of that we can be sure.

But it won’t be to a tin pot club like Everton.

Ange sit’s at 20/1 to take the Goodison hot seat. Save your money because he is commited to the job he started at Celtic.

And he is not leaving until it is finished.

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