Celtic Park from the Forge car park

“What is that all about?”- Cup final ticket allocation slaughtered by former Celtic star

The first cup final of the season is upon us and whilst many fans wait for their ticket to pop through their letterbox, there are many thousands who will be left disappointed.

With Hampden holding 52,000 fans if full to capacity, the news that Celtic will only be getting 16,000 of those seats was met with incredulity by former Celt, Frank McAvennie.

“That is what makes it the game that it is,” he told Football Insider.

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“Players love it, playing at Hampden. It is the Cup Final, Celtic and Rangers are only getting 16,000 tickets. What is that all about?

“That is only 32,000, what has happened to the other 20,000? It is ridiculous. It is really letting the fans down, they are screaming for tickets. The proper fans should be going to games like that. It is just stupid.”

Long has the view been held that too many corporate cronies get far too many tickets but when their allocation outstrips those of the fans, something seriously needs to be looked at.

But as always, the pigs will always get to the trough first whilst the real fans fight over the scraps.

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