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Kris Boyd swallows his pride with honest Ange Postecoglou admission. But we are not daft. We see him

Kris Boyd is famous for his usual anti-Celtic snipe.

The former Oldco striker has never hidden his disdain and contempt for our club by trying to appear aloof on Sky Sports and playing the class clown.

But all he really does is highlight just how bitter he is at our success as we continue to dominate Scottish football.

But today, Boyd gave a refreshing and honest valuation of Ange Postecoglou and whilst he says he would love to see the manager leave, it’s not for the reasons we think.

As reported by the Daily Record, Boyd said, “Yeah I would, but not for the reasons that you would think; in terms of get him out the door so Celtic would not start to put in the performances they have put in. For me it would be a sign of where Scottish football is.

“I think sometimes Scottish football gets overlooked, especially for the talented footballers it has got in it. There is no doubt that Ange Postecoglou is a talented manager.

“His time will come where he does move away from Celtic, and you are glad to see our top managers linked with moves. It shows that our league is in a healthy position and I’m sure Ange Postecoglou will move on one day.

“I don’t think it would be to Leeds or any time soon. There is no doubt the job he has done at Celtic is unbelievable; to do the job he has done and win the league.

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With the job he has done this season you would expect him to retain it, which I always think is the most difficult job. There is no doubt Ange Postecoglou will move on to probably a bigger and more competitive league.

“In terms of the job Ange Postecoglou he deserves it. When he does go I think it will be for the best of Scottish football, because he will have done a fantastic job.”

Come on. Who believes this p*sh?

Boyd cannot wait to see the back of Ange for EXACTLY the reasons we all believe. He cannot stand the Celtic managers dominance of his rancid new club.

Boyd makes a point of trying to be controversial on the satellite broadcaster and uses Celtic’s name to boost ratings.

Unfortunately for Boyd and fortunately for us, Ange is going nowhere and we will get to endure watching his pain live on TV as we continue to dominate Scottish football.

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