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“I don’t see him playing second fiddle” – Celtic star tipped to leave club when contract expires

It’s that time of year when players who are entering the last 18 months of their contract either decide to stay or move on.

For the experienced footballer, it’s just part of football and something that just needs to be dealt with. For the less experienced, it can be stressful and impact their performance.

But not Joe Hart. The big Englishman is as cool as ice and when it comes to his contract, I reckon he will be very philosophical about it.

But should he be offered an extension when his expires next summer?

The boys on The Celtic Exchange Podcast where discussing this when Paddy said, “I find that difficult one. I really do. I think he he would be a great help to any team.

I just think that we need to look at the future though.

We need to think about getting a young goalkeeper in, and I say young, I’m talking 25, 26, 27.

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Someone who’s going to buy into Ange’s philosophy and comes with potential sell on value.

We offer someone like Joe Hart a new deal, what does it do? He’s not gonna want to sit in the bench.

He’ll want to be number one, because he will still feel that he has that in him.

And he may even say that, ‘I’ve done Celtic. I think it’s time to maybe go back home and find a club near Manchester and go and get two or three more years out there or even do the abroad thing’, whatever he wants to do.

He’s fairly ambitious. He’s really ambitious.

But I don’t see him playing second fiddle but I also don’t see him being the number one after his contract finishes.”

As brutal as Ange Postecoglou there from Paddy but, for me, I think for his experience and his leadership skills, another year is deserved for the big man.

That’s assuming, of course, that he wants to stay.

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