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Jim Duffy offers a way to fix the ticket allocation problem but avoids the elephant in the room

See to be fair, throughout the whole show, the pundits avoided the real question and answers to the Glasgow Derby ticketing allocation debacle.

They mentioned it once actually and the derisory, “Yeah we know all that” reaction by Jim Duffy tells you all you need to know.

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The media and the pundits out there are too afraid to lay the blame at the Ibrox door for this.

Too afraid to speak out in case the hordes of Mordor come hunting for their rings.

And it’s really very sad. But not surprising.

After Hugh Keevins offered his solution, Duffy did wash his hands of it when he offered what he believed to be a viable fix to fix this mess.

Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Duffy said, “I think a possible way is if both sets of fans make their feelings known to the clubs.

You’ve seen that as recently as 18 months ago, two years ago with Celtic fans and the Rangers having the the banners against some of the things that they were not happy with the club.

And I think if the vast vast majority of fans are unhappy with that then they’ve got to meet these feelings known in a diplomatic manner to the club because if both sets of fans are really adamant somewhere along the line, clubs have to listen to them.”

So it’s now down to the fans is it? Why?

Why do these pundits and journalists not just do their bloody jobs and put pressure on the real culprits here? One word answer?


The fear to criticise anything Ibrox do because they know that the fans of the club will go medieval on them.

Well, they are all stuck in the 1690’a afterall.

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